Monday, June 22, 2015

Cigar Box to Hospitality Box

Last year my sister gave me a shelf-full of cigar boxes. Her roommate paints designs on them and sells them in her shop.

Finally I've done something with one of the boxes...I'm such a scared-y cat in crafting with them. I've been afraid to alter it since it looks vintage in its original form (is it sacrilegious to the vintage trend to "un-vintage" something? lol).

                 ...but since they are just sitting on a shelf as basically a dust collector...its time to muster up some creative backbone and just do it!

Starting out, I created a Pinterest Board, which is turning into my modus operandi. How can I craft without first making a board? lol

Next, assembled a few items already on hand and then made a shopping list for the rest. 

Finally, straightening into my crafting backbone, I Mod Podged Belle onto the front of the box...after the initial dab of sealer it was a breeze from there. Just had to get the ball rolling. 

New Front

New Inside

Not Pictured: added a note card with our wi-fi password

A small basket worked fine since most bathroom supplies are already in the bathroom (thankful for open shelving!) 

This was my favorite find for the basket. Its in the travel-sized section at Walmart. 

Nothing terribly fancy but a little "something" to make our guests feel welcome. 
It'll be fun to add to this...magazines, lotion, etc. 

How do you make guests feel welcome? 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Curbside Bar-Height Chair

I actually have no idea what style this chair is called. Bar stool? Bar height chair? Fun-spinning-chair (kiddos term)? Let's call it a Bar-Height Chair.

Anyways, after dropping my daughter off at school we snake thru the surrounding neighborhoods for treasure. I found this chair next to a saddle and old coffee table. Being short a horse, I left the saddle, and too many car-seats with diapered bottoms in them kept me from scooping up the coffee table. Chair it was.

Seat was a bit worn but the rest of the chair was protected by a thick layer of dust. lol


oh look, my personality comes in a paint color

Couple sloppy coats of homemade chalk paint in Moody Blue as seen here.

Then wiped on/wiped off with walnut stain. Pictured below: the forelegs have been stained but not the back legs. Stain adds a slightly green tint. Love how the stain highlights the grooves and nicks adding more charm.

Sealed with polycrylic.

The Final Result: 

chair mug shot

Now I just need to clear off my counter so I can enjoy my counter-height/breakfast-bar chair...or whatever it is called. 

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